How to Care for Succulent Arrangements

If succulents are our signature dish, then succulent arrangements are our prix fixe menu. We choose our favorites and serve them up in a pot to satisfy all of your plant cravings. We love making arrangements, and we want you to enjoy them for a very long time. That’s why we’ve made this care guide to help you keep them thriving and happy!

The Slouching Sloth succulent arrangement


1. Light, Light and more Light!

Arrangements often contain different succulent species with varying needs. One thing they can all agree on though is light. Bright, indirect light is best and will allow all of the succulents to maintain their color while growing compactly and keeping their shape. Succulent arrangements are a statement, so place them near a bright window and let them shine in your space!

2. Less Water = Happy Plants

Watering succulent arrangements looks difficult. Especially if there isn’t a drainage hole, it can be difficult to know where to start or when to stop. Luckily, watering succulent arrangements isn’t that different from watering the individual plants. Infrequent watering is best, and only after the soil is completely dry. In the case of arrangements, allow the soil to remain dry for a few days and then water lightly and evenly with a watering pot or dishwashing attachment. If you’re still unsure, check the leaves. Soft or shriveled plants will tell you they’re ready for a drink!

The Saguaro succulent arrangement


3. Shoo Away the Buggies

Pests are a pest - and our plants agree! Every few months, treat for insects with a pesticide or by inspecting closely under and around the leaves. The same goes for any mold or fungi. A fungicide can go a long way in freshening up struggling leaves. Preventative care is the best care and your succulent arrangement will thank you for it.

4. Keep it Clean

Over time, your succulents will experience normal growing pains. Some leaves may die. Some plants may outgrow the pot. Simply prune any dead leaves to keep the plants in good shape. If a plant outgrows the pot, it is perfectly okay to remove it and repot it. There may come a day when all of the plants are even overgrown and that’s a good thing! At this point you can reuse the planter and turn your succulent arrangement into a succulent garden.

The Pink Pedestal succulent arrangement


Succulent arrangements are a work of art, but preserving them doesn’t have to be hard. With these tips, you’ll be able to show off those botanic beauties at many dinner parties to come.