The Slouching Sloth | Succulent Gift



Take a minute to slooow down with this adorable Slouching Sloth succulent arrangement! Featuring some of our most popular succulents in a painted ceramic pot, this hanging arrangement is a must-have for all lazy gardeners. Whether a sloth is your spirit animal, or not, this arrangement is guaranteed to make you smile!

Approximate Dimensions

Small - 7.0" L x 4.0" W x 5.0" H

Large - 8.0”L x 5.0” H x 6.0” H

You Got Plant Mail!

Congratulations! Your new plant friends have made a successful journey to your door. Now what? Well honestly, there’s not much to do. At Lazy Gardens we curate our selection of succulents and cacti to ensure that they work for you- the normal person, who lives a normally chaotic life! We accommodate for all levels of laziness. So don’t stress too much about watering, and don’t feel bad about neglecting these little guys- they are actually a bit freaky and might like it.

Group caring for plants

To help you along with your plant parenting journey we have some helpful tips and tricks covering all the basics of watering, lighting, temperature requirements and potting. Just remember, to relax- you don’t have to be a professional gardener to be a Lazy Gardener! 


How to Water

The golden rule in Lazy Gardening 101 is to not overwater your plants! Remember, these guys thrive on neglect, so put that water down and back away slowly. You can drown succulents and cacti with your attention and watering- DO NOT do this! 

Water your plants ONLY once you see or feel that the soil is completely dry. Using a handy-dandy finger, press down into the soil near the center of the pot. If the soil is dry, it’s watering time! You can also pull out a wooden chopstick. Plop the chopstick into the soil, if wet soil sticks onto the chopstick the watering is a no-go. 

While there really isn’t one set schedule determining when you should water your plants, we recommend watering sometime between every one to three weeks. And you should be watering even less in winter! That said, the easiest way to know if you should water your plants is by periodically checking the soil. And remember the golden rule: when in doubt DO NOT water!


Light Requirements 

Cacti and succulents are pretty adaptable plants, which makes them perfect for Lazy Gardeners! Don’t be afraid, or petrified, whether placed in an under or over-lit environment, these little guys will survive. But being the perfect plant parent you are we know you want your plants to not just survive, but really flourish! 

So we need you to scout out a spot for your lazy garden with bright indirect light. This spot will provide your plants with the perfect amount of energy to stay looking beautiful, bright and bodacious! 

And trust us, your plants aren’t shy; they will tell you if they are getting too much, or not enough, light! Look out for things like sunburns, bleaching, or spotting, your plants are telling you that they are being overexposed to light. Likewise, if you are noticing a loss of color or vibrancy your plant is in need of a bit more light. Yes, we are professional plant translators. 


Temperature Requirements 

Maintaining the perfect temperature for your cacti or succulents is pretty easy! Okay, slightly misleading because there isn’t one perfect temperature. But in general, you don’t want to expose your Lazy Garden to temperatures below 45°or above 85°. Really though, if you keep your plants in bright, indirect light they will be happy campers! Just remember to look out for frost during the winter months and signs of burning during summer.


How to Pot Plants

Please don’t be afraid of potting plants! You don’t need a greenthumb, or special plant powers, to successfully pot succulents or cacti. So take a calming breath, maybe pull out some essential oils, and check out these easy steps: 

  1.   You are going to want to fill up your favorite pot ¾ of the way with either commercial or homemade succulent or cacti soil. Then put a shallow hole in the soil. Easy right?
  2.   Gently take your plant out of its current pot or holder and loosen up the roots. Go ahead and give the roots a playful tickle to sprinkle off any extra soil. 
  3.   Place your succulent or cactus in the soil, cover the roots with some more soil, and then give the soil a few firm pats. Be sure to avoid covering any branches or leaves! 
  4.   Next you’ll want to add a special touch to your pot and plant! Feel free to add sand, or colorful rocks and pebbles, over to the soil- making sure that the added materials can easily drain. 
  5.   Lastly, give your plants some love. This is the most important step every plant parent must follow- tell the little guy how cute and adorable it is! 

How to care for your succulent arrangement:

It's simple, lazy gardens don't require too much attention. These are resilient plants that thrive on neglect. Part of what makes succulents and cacti so fascinating is the countless ways they express themselves depending on light, season, temperature, soil, and water. Follow these tips to keep your garden happy and healthy!


Succulents and Cacti need to be watered very little. You should allow the soil to dry out completely then wait another day or two before watering. It is important not to over-water your plants. Typically we recommend watering every 2 to 3 weeks.


Give cacti and succulents the brightest light or sunniest window that you can provide. For best results try to give your plants 4-6 hours of sunlight. Indirect sunlight is best!


The ideal temperature for your succulent or cactus is between 60-80°F


Keep your plants clean and healthy by removing dead or dry leaves often.


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Stress-Free Shipping

We pride ourselves on providing you with healthy, high-quality plants. We carefully hand-package your plants with lots of love, but sometimes they can be damaged on their journey to your door. Rest assured, we are here to make sure you and your plants are happy! If your plant or arrangement arrives damaged, we ask that you email us within 72 hours of delivery with your order number and a photo of your plants.

Order Processing

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Shipping Policy

We take the time to ensure all of our plants are packaged with love and care. We hand-pack each of our plants in their pot dry to ensure they remain happy and healthy during the shipping process. The dry soil helps us keep our plants from rotting or freezing on their journey to your door. This may cause some soil to move around during shipping, you can simply brush it off your plants and add it back to your pot. We include a short plant care guide with your orders so that your new plants are happily introduced to their new home! 

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That's why we offer a Stress-Free Shipping Guarantee. 

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Despite our careful packaging, plants can become damaged by cold temperatures and frost, or extreme heat. Please order at your own risk, Lazy Gardens cannot take responsibility for weather related damage

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