Succulent Gifts for Beginners

Gifting plants to a new plant lover? Or perhaps you’re starting off yourself? Congratulations! Cultivating houseplants is a journey filled with color and life and surprises around every windowsill.

A new year is a perfect time to beckon in new hobbies. New is fun. New is exciting. New is also scary. Beginning something new is filled with equal parts anticipation and anxiety. Plants are no exception. We love plants - and there is nothing like starting an indoor garden or adding a new botanical beauty to a growing green collection. Every plant has its own needs and taking care of them requires work.

However, some plants require a little less work - making them ideal for beginners. At Lazy Gardens, we strive to take the guesswork out of plant care by offering easy, low-maintenance plants that thrive on neglect. Here is our list of 10 succulent gifts to start building a home garden.

Key Lime Pie Succulent - aerial view

Key Lime Pie

No matter which way you slice it, the Key Lime Pie is ideal for beginning succulent gardeners. It’s unique, crinkled leaves and complex, sprawling geometry stand out and add a simple sophistication to any space. This succulent is small and slow-growing, making it perfect for a smaller apartment, office, or bedroom. All it needs is a sunny windowsill and a little bit of water!

String of Buttons - aerial view

String of Buttons

Funky and hard to kill? Yes, please. A Lazy favorite, the String of Buttons exemplifies hardiness and quirkiness. Its gorgeous, stacked petals are pieces of modern art. The best part? String of buttons can thrive in just about any lighting and temperatures. Just don’t let them push your buttons.

Baby Necklace Succulent - aerial view

Baby Necklace

Resembling multicolored caterpillars emerging from the soil, the Baby Necklace is a must-have for any Lazy Garden. Wild yet refined. Crazy, yet elegant. All this succulent needs is low light and small doses of water to add a touch of unpredictability to your home garden.

Jade Plant - aerial view

Jade Plant

A symbol of good luck and fortune, the Jade Plant is the perfect plant to start a Lazy Garden. Not only is this bountiful beauty easy to care for, but a long lifespan and incredible growth potential make this plant more of a companion than a house decoration. A jade plant is a long-term investment, and a great plant to grow your gardening skills.

Elephant Bush Succulent - aerial view

Elephant Bush

The Elephant Bush is the ideal houseplant, combining massive growth potential with incredible air purification qualities. Its red branches provide stark contrast to its shiny green leaves to give any indoor space a wild, natural look. The branches can grow to extremely tall heights, but are also durable enough to dangle off the sides of a hanging planter. Just make sure this beauty gets plenty of sunlight!

Fernwood Snake Plant Succulent - aerial view

Fernwood Snake Plant

A staple in any indoor garden, the Fernwood Snake Plant is the do-it-all chameleon succulent that can adapt to and blend into most environments. Striped, conical leaves stretch to the ceiling and steal the show, with their tentacle-like tips spinning in every direction. Both dazzling and dizzying, the Fernwood can thrive in most spaces with little water or attention.

Corn Cob Cactus - aerial view

Corn Cob Cactus

Growing this cactus is as easy as a can of corn. Sprouting in every direction, its thick stems are ribbed with grooves that look just like corn kernels. But don’t take a bite. Long, sharp pines line the surface of the Corn Cob Cactus, completing its big, bold look. Like many of the plants on this list, less is definitely more when it comes to watering.

Moon Cactus Pink - aerial view

Moon Cactus

Houseplants to the moon! A wide array of neon colors make the Moon Cactus a statement gift that speaks for itself. It grows perfectly alongside other plants in a larger pot or on its own in a small one. The hardest part is choosing the right color!

Zebra Plant Succulent - aerial view

Zebra Plant

A slow-growing plant with a beautiful bloom, the Zebra Plant is for the patient friend with a delicate hand. Because of its affinity for humid climates, it’s important to keep the soil moist at all times. This will allow it to thrive at its own pace and show off its full, striped leaves that make it a standout houseplant.

Rose Quartz Cactus - aerial view

Rose Quartz Cactus

Boasting rose pink flowers against strong, green stems, the Rose Quartz Cactus wears its heart on its sleeve (or at least its flowers). There is little guessing involved, as this cactus strengthens and blooms to show that it’s in good health. Simply find the best sunny spot and let this succulent shine!

Whether gifting to yourself or a friend, a succulent is a great way to grow a green thumb. Their drought-resistant qualities give you the flexibility to grow them indoors and begin your Lazy gardening journey.