Tips for Succulent Wreath Care

A succulent wreath is the ultimate succulent artwork. Each one contains dozens of succulents that form one unique piece of living art. Unlike a Picasso hanging in a museum, these works of art are designed to be touched and cared for. But where to begin? We’ve put together a few simple tips to care for your succulent stunners.

The Succulent Love Heart Succulent Wreath


1. Finding the Perfect Spot

Unlike their yuletide counterparts, a succulent wreath can carry some weight. When dry, they typically weigh 2-8 pounds. When wet, they can easily weigh double that amount. Because they are made to hang, it’s important to use a sturdy hook or nail, ideally attached to a wall stud. Think of it like a round mirror, but with a few less pieces of glass to pick up if it falls.

If hanging is not an option or you’re looking for a different aesthetic, our succulent wreaths can lean against a wall on an accent table or small bookshelf. 

Note: The Succulent Love, Stellar Circle, and Sensational Square succulent wreaths all come with hooks and feet. The Grapevine does not, but it is easy to add a simple tie or hook to the top.

2. Getting the Light Right

In general, bright, indirect light is the golden rule for growing succulents. Finding a sunny spot near a window is ideal as direct, afternoon sun can cause the plants to burn and show spots. If the natural light in a room can cast a shadow without receiving direct sun, you’re in a good spot.

If bright light is a challenge in your home, try to get your succulent wreath outside or by a window for some morning sunlight every few days. This will keep the succulents in good shape and full of color.

The Stellar Circle Round Succulent Wreath


3. The Moss is Boss

Our succulent wreaths are planted in moss, not soil. Thankfully, moss is an excellent growing medium that maintains similar rules when it comes to watering and care. It’s important to note that the succulents will continue to grow in the moss, so don’t expect them to stay the same size and shape. In fact, it is possible that they will outgrow the wreath after many months. At this point, it is perfectly fine to remove the overgrown succulents and repot them in soil.

4. A Different Kind of Soak

Succulent wreaths prefer a bath to a shower. To water them, soak the entire wreath in a tub for five minutes. Once removed, allow excess water to drip off the moss to avoid any puddles when hung up. Be careful when hanging, though. The watered down plants and moss will be significantly heavier and need the extra support of a sturdy hook.

The Grapevine Round Succulent Wreath


5. Drench and Dry

As far as timing goes, the same rules of watering succulents apply to wreaths. Allow the moss to dry out completely before soaking it in the tub. In fact, even if the moss seems completely dry, it is best to wait an extra two or three days just to be sure. Typically, indoor succulent wreaths should be watered every 2-3 weeks. Some visual signs like wilted, wrinkly succulent leaves will also let you know when it’s time for a dunk.

6. Looking Between the Leaves

Routine care and maintenance will go a long way to ensure the long term life of your succulent wreath. Remove dead leaves regularly and inspect for pests, treating with a pesticide as needed.

The Sensational Square Succulent Wreath


Succulent wreaths are a triumph. Equal parts decorative and dependable, they are the easiest way to have your art and grow it too.