A Lazy Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays have arrived and the only thing tougher than picking the right dish for a Thanksgiving potluck is deciding what to give friends and family. Naturally we’re a little biased. Plants are ideal for any occasion, but their ability to bring instant color and life to a winter home makes them perfect for the holiday season. A succulent arrangement checks all the boxes. Gorgeous, thoughtful, and resilient - it will outlast any bouquet of flowers and survive through the cold winter months.

Handpicked succulents and one-of-a-kind planters make our succulent arrangements the stars of any home. Each arrangement is a work of art which grows and changes over time - a beautiful gift to give to someone special. We’ve created this quirky guide to help you give the perfect succulent arrangement gift.

The Writer Succulent Arrangement

The Creative

We love our friends who are always dreaming up the next big thing. Whether it’s a new movie pitch or a billion-dollar business, these are the people whose sparks never seem to fade and are inspired by the tiniest of things. While each of the succulent arrangements is filled with inspiration and wonder, The Writer sits in a class of its own. The idea well will never go dry with this arrangement by their side.

Peace Bus Succulent Arrangement

The Free Spirit

Who doesn’t love a VW van? The Peace Bus reflects a nostalgia that is perfect for any adventure seeker. The person whose wanderlust seeps through into every trip to the local coffee shop or farmers market. Every moment is a chance to explore, and the Peace Bus is the perfect companion for a friend on their journey.

Couch Potato Succulent Arrangement

The Homebody

Any day at home is a win for this friend. Movie marathons and board game nights transform their living room into the ultimate Friday night destination. The couch is their haven and The Couch Potato succulent arrangement is the ultimate companion for their next TV binge.

Pink Pedestal Succulent Arrangement

The Party-Starter

P!nk isn’t the only one who knows how to get the party started. The Pink Pedestal is equal parts trendy and classic, and it never gets left off the guestlist. This succulent gift is perfect for the friend that can blend into any group. They know everyone and know exactly how to bring the energy to any space. They are for the stylish, outgoing friend we aspire to be.

Slouching Sloth Succulent Arrangement

The Slowpoke

Let’s face it, we all know someone who likes to take things slow. They have to be told to arrive 30 minutes early just to be on time and 10-minute activities can easily turn into an hour. And yet, they are the ones that keep us from getting ahead of ourselves. They are the ones that remind us to slow down and appreciate life a little bit. The Slouching Sloth is the ideal succulent arrangement for the friend who slows things down.

Mason Jar Succulent Arrangement

The Sustainability Hero

Succulents and sustainability go hand in hand. They’re made to last and immediately improve their surrounding environments. So why not place them in the ultimate symbol of upcycling - The Mason Jar. This sustainable, green gift is perfect for your earth-conscious friends.

Prickly Pear Succulent Arrangement

The Outdoor Lover

This friend wakes us up for the 5 a.m. hikes and plans every camping trip for the group. They are spontaneous and in touch with all things nature. The Prickly Pear is a celebration of succulent roots and the beauty of their natural forms.

No matter the occasion or the person, there is a succulent arrangement ready to add a touch of natural beauty to a home. Browse the entire collection here and give a gift that will last to next holiday season.