10 Reasons Succulents Make the Perfect Holiday Gifts

Who doesn’t love the holidays? With Halloween only a week away, we’re reminded of the annual traditions that keep the holiday spirit alive. At Lazy Gardens, we love gifts. And gift-giving is one of the classic holiday traditions that help us show our loved ones how much they mean to us. But shopping for holiday gifts doesn’t have to be stressful. This year we think it’s time to start a gift-giving tradition that is both thoughtful and lasting. One that brings actual life into the home. We’re talking about succulents, and here is a list of 10 reasons why gifting a succulent is a great idea.

Two people in plant-filled living room

1. Succulents are Low-Maintenance

No matter if a person is a gardening pro or a botany beginner, ease and resilience make succulents ideal gifts to bring nature into a home. Even in the cold, winter months, introducing a succulent as part of an indoor garden is a great way to bridge the gap between peak growing seasons. A little light and water go a long way in the cooler, dry conditions and will allow a succulent to thrive throughout the winter months.

2. Succulents Last

These houseplants are tough to kill. Their easy going nature means that succulents can survive all sorts of conditions and are destined for a long and full lifespan. Some may even live up to 30+ years! They are also easy to regrow and propagate, and may even experience new growths on their own. Succulents aren’t a gift for the season. They are a gift for life.

Green, potted succulents lined up

3. Succulents are Stunning

Succulents are known for their standout shapes and colors, often appearing as geometrical wonders. Some experience bright, vibrant hues while others showcase a frosty, cool appearance. Some stack high to the ceiling while others fan out to cover the entire surface area of the pot. One thing is for certain. A succulent gift is the star of any holiday.

4. Succulents are Life

We love sweaters and socks as much as the next person, but succulents are literal living things! What better way to add life to a holiday scene than with a gorgeous, growing plant. Match it up with a colorful pot and it’s easy to add that natural touch to any office or living space.

5. Succulents Come in all Shapes and Sizes

There is literally a succulent for anyone. They are so diverse in shape and size that matching one to a space or to a friend is part of the fun! Prefer a succulent that hangs? Or maybe one that produces flowers? How about a big succulent that can grow to the ceiling and make that empty corner of a home come to life? Whatever the needs, there’s a succulent to match it.

Cactus on Pink Background

6. Succulents Add a Pop of Color

We’ve spent a lot of time inside over the last 18 months. And a lot of us have been inspired to do some DIY home renovations. Succulents are an easy way to add a pop of color to any space and bring out the inner interior designer in all of us. What other gift can be a show-stopping attraction and an accent piece all at the same time?

7. Succulents are Incredibly Thoughtful Gifts

Every succulent gift is unique. Out of the many varieties and colors available, there is always that one that sticks out as the perfect gift for a loved one. Matching a succulent to someone is fun and incredibly special, as that person will have a unique bond with their new plant gift. Deciding to give a succulent is one thing, but picking the perfect one shows thoughtfulness and patience.

Hand measuring cactus diameter

8. Succulents Grow and Change

Succulents literally are the gifts that keep on giving. New growths, blooms, and changing coloration are always occurring and a winter plant may look completely different by the summer. Maybe a few leaves may end up trailing down the windowsill and transforming the living room into a dream jungle abode.

9. Succulents Support Good Health

Succulents and houseplants are great natural air purifiers and help to clean and recycle the air we breathe. Aside from fresh air, they also keep our minds fresh and help to improve mood and focus, which is ideal for any work-from-home office.

10. Succulents are Simply Fun

Succulents inspire the inner gardener in all of us. They are easy to take care of and continue to surprise with each changing season. Not only are they the perfect holiday gifts for any plant lover, but they’ll stick around for many holidays to come.

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