Winter Plant Care 101

How to Care for Succulents in Colder Weather

The days are shortening, the light is leaving, and the temperatures are dropping. You know what that means—winter is coming and it’s time to talk about your plant care! Our little pals have different needs during this half of the year to help keep them healthy and content. It’s important to know what those different needs are so that you can ensure that your Lazy Gardens make it back to the easier, warmer half of the year. We’re going to cover the two most important factors of winter care: watering and frost protection.
Couple on living room couch during winter

Water Less in the Winter

During this time of year, plants go dormant, so we like to cut down our watering to about half the rate as in spring & summer. This means no fertilizer either (you can hold off until spring for that). Your plants won’t grow much but that is totally normal! Similar to how animals need more rest or hibernation, plants also take this time to chill out and save their energy. Sometimes, plants will even drop their leaves to make room for new, so don’t be concerned if some leaves yellow and fall off. This is part of their growth cycle and is exciting, like getting rid of old stuff from the back of your closet.

Keep them Warm and Cozy

The other important part is keeping your plants relatively warm. Frost protection is simply keeping your plants from developing frost, which could shock and kill them. This means:

  • Keeping a close eye on them if they are near windows or on sills
  • Blocking drafts
  • Bringing plants indoors
  • Monitoring the space’s heat (if possible).
It is also a good idea to make sure any leaves or parts of the plants are not directly touching a window pane, as the cold glass can shock it as well. If this happens, leaves will develop dark spots and you can just gently remove them from the plant. Another option is to keep plants under a light if it’s too cold near the windows. Protecting your babies from frost extends to plants in the mail as well! If you are ordering additions for your Lazy Garden and live in places under 40°F, be sure to add a heat pack to your order and your plants will be nice and cozy while on their journey to your doorstep.
Cactus on winter windowsill with snow outside


Plants are individual and can vary in their needs but we hope this overview is helpful for teaching you about the general differences between seasonal plant care. Like the rest of the year, our golden rule is: when in doubt, don’t water! Please contact us if you ever have specific questions or concerns. We’re here to help because we believe Lazy Gardening should never be difficult or overwhelming.