The Health Benefits of Plants

It’s pretty much common knowledge at this point that having plants around is both physically and mentally beneficial. Great! But to really understand how beneficial it is, it’s worth learning a bit about what plants actually do that lead to these positive outcomes for us. In early education, most of us (if we were paying attention) were taught about how plants recycle the air through an exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. We breathe out, they breathe in; they breathe out, we breathe in. A beautiful, symbiotic relationship between animal and greenery.

But it goes even further—did you know plants actually absorb harmful toxins from the air and soil, which they break down and use for their own nutrition? Since a lot of people live in areas with air pollution, or work indoors where harmful particles from plastics, molds, wall paints, etc. are all around, plants can provide a healthy filtration system that helps reduce our pollution exposure. By decreasing harmful toxins, as well as increasing oxygen and humidity levels, plants are a simple addition to any space that humans occupy on a regular basis. 

This is great for us physically, of course, but also mentally, as our physical health is deeply entwined with our mental well-being. Not only that, the actual presence of a beautiful piece of nature has been shown to positively impact concentration, memory, mood, creativity, and productivity, as well as decrease fatigue, stress, and even mild cold symptoms. It also tends to make people feel good to take care of something, and luckily, plants are pretty low-maintenance, as far as living creatures are concerned.  

Having something beautiful in your home or office is sure to lift your moods, so why not make it something green and alive and beneficial for your health? These positive impacts are still being studied but, as far as anyone can tell, being surrounded by plants is a great thing for everybody. If you’re overwhelmed by the idea of picking one for you and/or your space, head on over to our Plant Quiz to get matched with the right plant pal or contact us with any questions you may have. We’re here to share the joy of owning plants with everyone, Lazy thumbs and all.