The Gift of Laziness

Here at Lazy Gardens, we believe plants are the best gift option for any occasion or recipient. Whether you’re looking for a subtle sympathy gift or a small something to brighten up an employee’s WFH desk, we’ve got the picks for you. Not only will you be giving someone the benefits of having a plant around, you will be making yourself feel good for thinking of such a unique present!
So what are some of those benefits? It’s well-known that plants improve air quality & circulation (they’re basically solar-powered air filters courtesy of Mother Earth) but did you know they can also improve focus, memory, and mood? Having a Lazy Garden in your home is an easy way to take care of yourself, without having to do much work.
Wait—without having to do much work? Yep! It doesn’t matter if you’re gifting one of our beautiful babies to a known plant wiz or to someone who has never taken care of anything in their life. Our cacti & succulents are so low-maintenance and thrive on neglect, so you can be assured that your gift will be a welcome surprise to anyone for any reason. And, of course, we always support treating yourself to a little present as well ;).