Finding Your Perfect Plant Mate

After killing many houseplants, we figured out the formula to find the perfect plant. There are five main categories that matter most when picking out your new pal: the location of a plant, the lighting of said location, the size of a plant, your lazy—err, skill—level, and color preference! By taking all these factors into account, we’ve simplified the (sometimes overwhelming) process of making your Lazy Garden come to life.

When thinking about location for a plant, it’s good to channel your inner interior designer. Are you looking to bring some greenery inside the home? Maybe you’d want to spruce up your patio or outdoor areas with exotic new creatures! This is also a good time to think about whether you want something hanging or grounded. No matter the space, we have the right plant to suit your decoration needs.

A crucial aspect of pairing a plant with the right location is lighting. Depending on the plant, some prefer bright but indirect light, whereas others prefer to dwell in some darkness. And, of course, there are plants that prefer it to be always sunny (in Philadelphia and elsewhere). Regardless of how much or little lighting your Lazy Garden gets, there are tons of options for you!

Similar to location is the size of the plant. This is really more so about decoration than about what the plant needs, though it is important to remember that all plants grow (eventually). Whether you have a small amount of counter space or a whole wall of shelves to fill up, our plants come in various sizes so you know it’ll fit as intended! Our plants range from as small as 2.5 inches to upwards of a foot, so we definitely have the perfect selection to fit in your space.

Now that you’ve thought about the space you want to put your plant in, it’s time to think about color! One of the most exciting aspects of our eclectic collection is the massive range of colors these beauties possess—we have everything from goth-friendly Blue Prince to dreamy teal Painted Lady. While plants, especially succulents, can change color depending on conditions (such as temperature), we’re happy to provide general color palettes so you can perfectly curate your interior design.

Next up is all about YOU, the Lazy Gardener. It’s important to be honest with yourself about this one. Think of it like the Myers-Briggs personality test but for plant parenting. This is a no-judgement zone, we simply want to cater directly to your experience and skill levels. Have you ever had a plant? That didn’t die? Perhaps you’re further along than you even know. Or maybe you’re even an expert! But, if you have some green blood on your hands, look no further—we have the right plant, even for serial plant killers.  

We know that spending money on a living creature can produce some anxiety, so we hope this overview came in handy when thinking about choosing the next addition to your Lazy Garden. Feel free to head on over to our plant quiz for specific suggestions and you can always reach out via email for recommendations. We firmly believe there’s a plant out there for everyone, even the laziest of us!