Best Pet-Safe Succulents

Dog with tongue out

Plants and pets - we love them both. And choosing between them? No way. Our plants are built to thrive on neglect, so you can spend more time cuddling up with your fur babies. But what are the best plants for pets? And which plants are toxic? We’re outlining everything you need to know to keep your garden thriving and your pets safe for a complete, happy home.

Echeveria Minima Succulent


Pet-safe Succulents

Let’s start with the good. There are plenty of non-toxic plants safe for pets. And you don’t have to sacrifice beauty either. Plants of the type Sempervivum exude gorgeous color and symmetry, growing in a rotational, roselike manner with unexpected sprouting potential. Our Red Rubin and Calcareum varieties are ideal with rare colors subtle enough to not attract any (unwanted) attention.

Similarly, Echeveria plants are a great, non-toxic variety to keep at home and come in so many shapes and colors. Minima offers a lovely, bright bloom, while varieties such as Lola and Blue Prince offer exciting contrast. Collect them all and let your pets roam worry-free.

Haworthia Zebra Plant


Sedum, plants like Donkey Tails and Firestorm, grow in a sprawling, branched out fashion while the classic Haworthia Zebra Plant is a pet-safe staple. Whichever you decide is best for you and your loved little creatures, it is best to shop by the scientific names to avoid mix ups with overlapping plant common names.

Toxic Plants

Unfortunately, not all plants are safe for pets, though. In fact, some can cause serious intestinal damage if accidentally ingested. That’s why it’s important to put your pets first when buying plants. Common, popular plants that are toxic to many pets include Crassula plants like Jade, String of Buttons, and Baby Necklace, as well as Senecio varieties like String of Pearls, String of Bananas, and String of Dolphins. Basically stay away from the “strings.”

Also, be sure to avoid Euphorbia plants and Kalanchoe plants as they are known to be poisonous to pets like cats and dogs.

Angel Wings cactus in Ocean Eyes pot


Are Cacti Safe for Pets?

But what about cacti? A cactus is a perfect houseplant as it brings that natural, desert feel inside and can instantly transform a room for the better. But while we recognize the danger in cactus spines, our pets sometimes get a little too curious. One bad jump on a windowsill or one tail wagging in the wrong direction can be quite the painful outcome when it comes to pets and cacti. While many cacti are non-toxic to pets, it is best to keep them far out of reach on high countertops, windowsills, and shelves.

At the end of the day, we love our plants AND we love our pets. Let’s take the necessary steps to make sure they both thrive in our homes.

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