Lazy Gardens is the product of lots frustration and many dearly departed houseplants. We are ordinary people who live normal, chaotic lives, and we found that oftentimes our cute indoor plants were the first victims of our busy schedules and forgetfulness. A day without a bit of watering or attention and those dramatic little guys decide to die! 

We are here to bring the joy back into the houseplant experience! It’s okay if you don’t have a green thumb, or if you forgot to water your plants, once, twice, or thrice. Our hand-picked cacti and succulents thrive on neglect so you can enjoy them in your home without any stress. And they make the best and easiest gifts, because who doesn't love plants and need more in their life? So sit back and binge watch that series - your Lazy Garden will be okay when you do emerge hours or days later.  

Explore our bestsellers and exotic new additions, we have that perfect plant for you and your friends. How do we know that? Because ultimately our plants reflect who we all are- beautiful, unique, and resilient.

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