Holiday Succulent Gift Guide

A Lazy gift goes a long way…literally. Gifting a succulent is perfect because not only does it last a long time, but each one is unique and shows the time and effort you’ve put into picking it out. Having said that, we believe in gifting the Lazy way, and that means shopping for everyone in one place and having a little help along the way. Here’s our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide where we match the perfect plants with the people in your life.

Beginner Succulent Variety Pack


The First-timer

Where to begin…well all of our plants are perfect for beginners. So rather than focusing on which plant to start with, why not gift a variety pack that will fill the room and give them a chance to learn about different species and plant care? From crested cacti to hanging plants and even an aloe variety, the Lazy Gardens Variety Packs are a great way to start someone on their plant journey.

Moon Cactus Variety Pack 5-pack

The Colorful One

From dishware to footwear and everything in between, this friend never misses a chance to pop some color. While we can’t pick out their colorful clothes, we can ensure they have the plants to match with our most vibrant variety of them all: the Moon Cactus Variety Pack. From pink to red to yellow to orange, these cacti will fit right into the most colorful homes.

Grapevine Succulent Wreath

The Interior Designer

Whether or not it’s actually their career, this person knows exactly how to put together a home - down to every little detail. Our Succulent Wreaths not only look like stunning works of art, but they can even pretend they made it themselves. We promise we won’t say anything.

The Slow Sew Succulent Arrangement

The Fashionista

No outfit is off limits to this person. They can pull off and pull together any look and their closet is like a museum. The Slow Sew is a homage to the humble beginnings of every piece of fabric and is sure to inspire the fashion-lover in your life.

Birch Box Succulent Arrangement

The Perfect One

This person can do no wrong. They’re everyone’s favorite friend and get invited back to every get together. They deserve a classic favorite, the perfectly packaged succulent gift. Gift them the Birch Box.

The Scream Succulent Arrangement

The Movie Buff

They know every Oscar winner from the last 20 years and the filmography of all of your favorite stars. An endless source of information who brings out the most of the movies. Not only will The Scream represent a modern cinema classic in their lives, but it also doesn’t make a bad Halloween gift.

No matter the person, there is a succulent gift for them. Our array of plants, succulent wreaths, and succulent arrangements are meant to be loved and placed on every windowsill to add life and color to a home. You truly can’t go wrong.