Where to Buy your San Pedro Cactus

Surprise! We’ve moved our San Pedro shop to accommodate the large amount of orders and remedy the payment processing issues we were experiencing. San Pedro Source is now the home for your Lazy Garden favorite and the perfect place to start your cactus collection.

San Pedro Cactus aerial view

What makes the San Pedro cactus so special? It’s jaw-dropping stature is a good place to start. The San Pedro is a physically impressive specimen. Known for its columnar shape and jade green hues, it is a symbol of elegance and stability with strong, upward growth. While many of our Lazy plants are designed to thrive indoors, the San Pedro can also make an excellent addition to your landscape. We ship the San Pedro cactus bare root, so it can be planted directly into the ground and take full sun with its thick, stretching growths. Whether in the ground or in a pot, once the cactus has established roots in good, fertile soil, its growth capacity is limitless. In the right conditions, this cactus can grow up to 10, 15, and even 20 feet tall!

The fast, easy growth of the San Pedro cactus can be attributed to its native origins in South America, specifically in the Andes mountains. High altitude and heavy rainfall contribute to its remarkable resiliency and ability to thrive in a wide range of temperatures. However, its ideal climate is likely to be more temperate with average rainfall and plenty of heat and sunshine. This is why they do so well in the Southwest United States and why they are a favorite here in San Diego.

San Pedro Montrose Cactus

The San Pedro can be traced back thousands of years in ancient Peru and has been used as a part of traditional, herbal medicine with its healing, psychoactive compounds. It is also incredibly resilient with the ability to sustain years of change. Sounds like the ideal plant for your Lazy Garden. We developed San Pedro Source to emphasize our main values of simplicity and service. We offer multiple sizes of San Pedro as well as cuttings that can easily be used to start your own garden. Head over to the shop and check it out!