Types of San Pedro Cactus (and where to buy them)

When picturing a San Pedro cactus, the one that comes to mind is usually a tall, strong, rooted specimen with its columnar form stretching to the sky. It’s no wonder that people view these treasures as an investment. With a long lifespan and amazing growing potential, these cacti can seamlessly transform from indoor houseplant staples to statement pieces in your yard or patio as they grow to new heights. But when buying your own San Pedro, there are actually different types that you might want to consider that can literally shape your cactus experience. At San Pedro Source, we make it easy for you to find the perfect San Pedro cactus for your home - here's a look at some of our varieties:

Potted San Pedro Cactus

Rooted San Pedro

This is our most popular San Pedro cactus and the one that people often begin with. It is shipped bare root, already having matured into a full, robust plant with strong, healthy roots that are ready to be planted in soil. Our rooted San Pedro cacti are considered predominant cultivar (or “PC”) - meaning they are the most common type grown. This makes them a great way to learn about San Pedro cacti and plant care.

San Pedro Cactus Cutting

San Pedro Cutting

A San Pedro cutting is exactly what it sounds like - a section of the parent plant that has been removed and is ready for propagation. Our cuttings are harvested by taking a large section of the San Pedro cactus from its tip down. Because San Pedro cacti are referred to as self-sterile, they cannot pollinate themselves and can only be propagated through cuttings. This means that learning to grow and cultivate your cutting will set you up for taking more cuttings and repeating the process. We offer a variety of cutting types and sizes to fit your needs, with our standard cuttings being PC. It’s the ideal way to grow your cactus garden and your green thumb!

Crested San Pedro Cactus

Crested San Pedro

The Crested San Pedro cactus is a unique, stunning variation that results from abnormal growth at the tip of the cactus. Instead of new cells growing towards a single point, they end up growing in a line. This results in a crested cactus head, with multiple “tips” presenting in a gorgeous, curvy wave. Our Crested San Pedro cacti are living works of art, fanning out in multiple directions to create one-of-a-kind specimens. They are non-PC and you can view all of the crested varieties we have in stock here.

Potted San Pedro Monstrose Cactus

San Pedro Monstrose

Like the crested variety, a San Pedro Monstrose forms due to “growing abnormalities” that signal new growths in different asymmetrical formations. These sought after cacti present with multiple stubs and tips that make for a unique and beautiful cluster of cactus. As with any of our extremely unique varieties, we often sell out of San Pedro Monstrose quickly, so you’ll want to act fast if looking to add this non-PC variety to your garden!

Aerial View of San Pedro Monstrose Revert Cactus

San Pedro Monstrose Revert

Sometimes a San Pedro Monstrose actually shapes back into traditional columnar growth. This exciting transformation indicates that monstrose genetics are present and may or may not return down the road. The benefit of owning this type of cactus is you have the opportunity to witness the transformation in real time while possibly learning to care for it at different growth stages and shapes. You never know what you’ll get with a San Pedro Monstrose Revert cactus, and we think that’s the best part!

While a San Pedro cactus is a journey in itself, the chance to propagate more cacti and learn about different varieties make the entire family worth exploring! We’re proud to offer a non-PC variety that you can feel confident and excited about bringing into your home.

Potted Variegated San Pedro Cactus

Variegated San Pedro

Who doesn't love multicolored plants? A Variegated San Pedro cactus is a happy accident usually caused by a genetic mutation which inhibits its ability to produce chlorophyll. This results in a stunning swirl of yellow and green which paints the gorgeous San Pedro shape.

Potted Variegated Crested San Pedro Cactus

Variegated Crested San Pedro

And because two mutations are better than one. This doubly unique and rare variation results from the same inhibition to produce chlorophyll coupled with the crested phenomenon discussed above. It results in a wavy, two-toned wonder that is impossible to ignore.

A Note about PC San Pedro

The phrase “PC San Pedro” is often brought up in cactus communities discussing the origins or true nature of their cacti. In actuality, “PC” simply stands for “predominant cultivar” and refers to the most common form of San Pedro cacti grown, having nothing to do with the quality of the plant. Our rooted San Pedro and San Pedro cuttings are considered PC while the other types are non-PC.